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Go Kit

Go kits are a great way to keep your equipment and other items ready to go when the time calls. Experienced emergency responders know how important it is to have a go kit. But what if your not an emergency responder do you still need a go kit. Well, I not going to answer that.

At the start of this article I was not part of any Emergency Communication (emcomm) organization, but hope to be in the future. I am now in the Community Emergency Response Teams (C.E.R.T.) program. Before I was even thinking about C.E.R.T. I had a go kit for my HT. It was not an emergency respond go kit but it was my go kit.

I put all the accessories that came with my Yaesu VX-6 HT into a free bag they gave me when I purchased the radio. I also added the manual, a repeater directory, a j-pole antenna, tape, some paper, pencil and some other items.

Like I said before, you might not need one but I wanted a way to keep all my gear together when we went on trips. I always bring my HT when I leave the house. When I do bring it I just grab my go kit and throw it in the car knowing that everything that I need is inside the bag.

If you would like to get a detailed list for what you might need in a go kit. Or would like more information on emergency communication. I would recommend the ARRL “Emergency Communication Handbook” to start off with and move on from there. Chapter 10 has some good information on jump/go kits.

The whole book is a great resource for basic communication skills, net operating guidelines, personal safety, setup and projects. The book cost $19.95 but I got it for free when I registered for the ARRL. By doing so I now support the ARRL and have access to there resources, get the QST magazine and now have the Emergency Communication Handbook.

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