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LED Circuit

This is a simple LED Circuit. It was handed out on October 28, 2011 at the Halloween Night at the Museum located at the South Florida Science Museum. The West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Club has a station located on site. For more information on the club or the museum please visit the links.

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Radio Digital Recorder 17

Radio Digital Recorder

It a new year and it is time for some junk box cleaning. After going through my stuff I found an old MP3 player. All the function on the player work and I wonder what I could use it for. I had always wanted to buy a digital recorder but money is an issue. So […]

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Simple Power Regulator 2

Simple Power Regulator

Here we have a simple 5v power regulator. At the time I just wanted to build something and this was the cheapest circuit that I could find. I really didn’t need if for anything. I just wanted to put my new skills to the test and see if I could put it on a board. […]

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