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I will be at the South Florida Science Museum on November 19,2011 between 12:00PM – 3:00PM. I will be setting up my HSMM system in an attempt to reach one of the pavilions in Dreher Park. The closest pavilion is over 600 feet away and I hope that it is available at the time of […]

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Node and Server

I have been working on my own system when I have free time and I currently have two nodes. I have also been working on a prototype stand for a node. I will have pictures or video of that soon. I have also installed an XMPP server and have made a small chatting network. The […]

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NAS Device

For those of you that are not network people. A NAS is a Network Attached Storage drive. It’s almost like a external hard drive but better. In this day in age we all have documents, photos, videos or others files on our computers. A few years back I had a 300 GB external hard drive. […]

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