Simple Power Regulator 2

Simple Power Regulator

Here we have a simple 5v power regulator. At the time I just wanted to build something and this was the cheapest circuit that I could find. I really didn’t need if for anything. I just wanted to put my new skills to the test and see if I could put it on a board.

This 5 volt regulator circuit could be made with only three components (LM7805, 100uf and 10uf). It’s cheap and easy and supports about 1 amp, but you risk burning it out if you do. These types of power regulator are common for bread board power supplies.

  • (1) LM7805
  • (1) 50v 100uf
  • (1) 35v 10uf
  • (1) 1N4001
  • (1) 1k Resistor
  • (1) Green LED
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