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Go Kit 1

Go Kit

Go kits are a great way to keep your equipment and other items ready to go when the time calls. Experienced emergency responders know how important it is to have a go kit. But what if your not an emergency responder do you still need a go kit. Well, I not going to answer that. […]

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Yaesu MH-57 (Speaker/Microphone)

I have a Yaesu VX-6 and a Speaker/Microphone MH-57. The hand held microphone has a 1/8 jack at the bottom. For a while I did not know what that was for until I decided to put a headphone in it. Only one side of the headset was working making this jack mono, bummer. I did […]

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300 Ohm J-Pole 1

300 Ohm Twin Lead J-Pole Antenna

Here is a J-Pole antenna that I built back in November of ’09. This build was taken from QST, September 1994. The author is Jim Reynante, KD6GLF. A PDF of the file can be found at the bottom. I am not going to go into how I made it. You can read that for yourself. […]

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