Simple Power Regulator 2

Simple Power Regulator

Here we have a simple 5v power regulator. At the time I just wanted to build something and this was the cheapest circuit that I could find. I really didn’t need if for anything. I just wanted to put my new skills to the test and see if I could put it on a board. […]

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Dipole Center Insulator 4

Dipole Center Insulator

Some time ago I built a j-pole antenna. It is currently my only radio antenna. I wanted to find an easier antenna to build for myself and something I can recommend to new operators. I guess it’s the new ham in me but I wanted something new. I tried to build a 2m yagi antenna. […]

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HDTV Antenna 1

HDTV Antenna

The time has come for me to build a HDTV Antenna. I have seen many different types of this antenna online and until recently I did not need one. We purchased a portable DVD/TV player for emergencies and for my son on long drives. The portable DVD/TV came with a small mag mount type antenna […]

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The MFJ-862 Cross-Needle Meter reads forward and reflected power and SWR simultaneously at a single glance. It features separate HF and VHF/UHF directional couplers, each with its own SO-239 connectors. This lets you connect your HF and VHF/UHF transceivers at the same time. You can then monitor SWR and power of either transceiver at the […]

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300 Ohm J-Pole 1

300 Ohm Twin Lead J-Pole Antenna

Here is a J-Pole antenna that I built back in November of ’09. This build was taken from QST, September 1994. The author is Jim Reynante, KD6GLF. A PDF of the file can be found at the bottom. I am not going to go into how I made it. You can read that for yourself. […]

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Yeasu VX-6R

The VX-6R is a dual band heavy duty submersible (3 ft. for 30 minutes) transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage, providing local-area two-way amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability. The VX-6R’s small size allows you to take it anywhere – hiking, skiing, or while walking around town – and its operating flexibility brings the […]

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