144-222-440 Band Plans

Here is a portion of the Band Plan. I have only posted the 2 meter, 1.25 meter and the 70 centimeters because that all I can use at the moment. My HT Yaesu VX-6 is able to transmit on all three bands. All I did was copy the following bands from the ARRL web site and posted them on a word document. Then I saved and printed it so that I had a small booklet to put into my go kit for reference. To the right of the page you can see a screen shot of the ARRL ham band frequencies chart. You can also find a link to the ARRL web site of the rest of the bands that I did not add to my site at the bottom of the page.

If you want to print this PDF or any other PDF as a small booklet or pages just hit print and under Page Handling select ‘Multiple pages per sheet’. I also select ‘4’ under Pages per sheet. I like the 4 pages per sheet for lists like this but 2 pages for information that I might read often. That should be it. You can play with the setting to get what you want.

You can find a complete list of frequencies at ARRL.


2 Meters (144-148 MHz):

Frequency Usage
144.000-144.050 EME (CW)
144.050-144.100 General CW and weak signals
144.100-144.200 EME and weak-signal SSB
144.200 National Calling Frequency
144.200-144.275 General SSB operation
144.275-144.300 Propagation beacons
144.300-144.500 New OSCAR subband
144.500-144.600 Linear translator inputs
144.600-144.900 FM repeater inputs
144.900-145.100 Weak signal and FM simplex (145.01,03,05,07,09 are widely used for packet)
145.100-145.200 Linear translator outputs
145.200-145.500 FM repeater outputs
145.500-145.800 Miscellaneous and experimental modes
145.800-146.000 OSCAR subband
146.010-146.370 Repeater inputs
146.400-146.580 Simplex
146.520 National Simplex Calling Frequency
146.610-146.970 Repeater outputs
147.000-147.390 Repeater outputs
147.420-147.570 Simplex
147.600-147.990 Repeater inputs


1.25 Meters (222-225 MHz):

Frequency Usage
222.000-222.150 Weak-signal modes
222.000-222.025 EME
222.050-222.060 Propagation beacons
222.10 SSB & CW calling frequency
222.100-222.150 Weak-signal CW & SSB
222.150-222.250 Local coordinator’s option; weak signal, ACSB, repeater inputs, control
222.250-223.380 FM repeater inputs only
223.400-223.520 FM simplex
223.520-223.640 Digital, packet
223.640-223.700 Links, control
223.710-223.850 Local coordinator’s option; FM simplex, packet, repeater outputs
223.850-224.980 Repeater outputs only


70 Centimeters (420-450 MHz):

Frequency Usage
420.000-426.000 ATV repeater or simplex with 421.25 MHz video carrier control links and experimental
426.000-432.000 ATV simplex with 427.250-MHz video carrier frequency
432.000-432.070 EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)
432.070-432.100 Weak-signal CW
432.100 70-cm calling frequency
432.100-432.300 Mixed-mode and weak-signal work
432.300-432.400 Propagation beacons
432.400-433.000 Mixed-mode and weak-signal work
433.000-435.000 Auxiliary/repeater links
435.000-438.000 Satellite only (internationally)
438.000-444.000 ATV repeater input with 439.250-MHz video carrier frequency and repeater links
442.000-445.000 Repeater inputs and outputs (local option)
445.000-447.000 Shared by auxiliary and control links, repeaters and simplex (local option)
446.000 National simplex frequency
447.000-450.000 Repeater inputs and outputs (local option)
144-222-440 Band Plan
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